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China Harbour Crane manufacturers

Grab Bridge Crane Used in Quayside for Container Loding and Unloading
I. Introduction:
The bridge type grab ship unloader is a specially designed unloading equipment, which is used to unload the bulk materials in small and medium-sized port terminals. It has the advantages of low investment and high efficiency. It uses four ropes to unload bulk cargo, and their ships are grade 3000t rivers and class 5000t waters. The machine has advanced performance, light weight, high efficiency, smooth operation, convenient operation, safe and reliable, convenient maintenance, beautiful appearance. The whole machine performance index reaches the highest.
This type of machine is suitable for ship unloading center or unloading Kaohsiung and power plant, coal dock ship. High speed and high efficiency. This type can be moved on track, clean under door, highly passable car. Grab the coal, unload it to the cone, send it to the belt roller, and then transport it to the dumping site. The front beam can move.
II. Features
1. Learn from domestic and foreign advanced technology industry first class innovation.
2. The overall steel structure using ANSYS software optimization design.
3. Mature hydraulic drive technology, Vigers system.
4. Germany, Germany harden reducer drive technology.
5. excellent PLC program development ability, according to user needs to prepare different control methods.
6. lubrication system reduces maintenance workload.
Screw unloader is used for unloading bulk material mechanical unloader.
III.Store Container

IV.Technical parameters
Rated capacity of spreaderT30.53540.550
Rated capacity of hookT38455060
Working dutyA7A7A8A8
Base distanceB16.517.631616
Lifting height
Above rail/below railH122222838
SpeedHoistingWith full load46305070
Only with spreaderm/min12060120150
Trolley travelling150120120220
Crane travelling45254545
Boom hoisting time, one waymin7655
Main dimensionsL138000300003800055000
Total powerKW6505009201700
Max. working load of wheelKN300260400450
Crane railP50P50QU80QU100
Power supply380V,50HZ,3 Phase AC
V. Specification
The maximum capacity of the unloading machine can reach 3200 tons per hour, the reliability of the key is fast, and the delivery time is fast
1.Used to transport coal unloader, cement and clinker aggregate
2. type ship unloader:
1) Spiral continuous ship unloader
2) Bridge type ship unloader
3) Chain bucket ship unloader
4) Suspension of ship unloader
5) Pneumatic ship unloader
VII.Factory and Equipment
VIII. About inquiry information of Port Container Loading Unloading Mobile Portal Crane
Thanks for checking and more details or drawing are pleasing, such as;
1. Rated capacity of spreader __T?
2. Span __m?
3. Max. lifting height above rail/below rail __m?
4. Base distance: __m?China Harbour Crane manufacturers



2018-04-03 12:44:27

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